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Affordable Childcare

State Programs

Crisis Centers/Baby Items

Child Support

Essentials  (food pantries, financial assistance, household wares, vouchers, etc)

Support Groups

I don’t see my city?

Putative Father Registry

Adoption Law/Revocation

End An Adoption Plan

Pay It Forward

Recommend a Service



Medical Info


Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers- Directory

National- healthcare financing- Care Credit

National- prescription discount card- Coast2Coast

National- prescription assistance- Good Rx

National- birth control, emergency contraception- Nurx

National- vision care- One Sight

National- patient assistance programs- Rx Assist


Statewide- free clinics- Directory


Ellensburg- medical- Open Door Health Clinic

Elum- medical- Open Door Health Clinic

Yakima- Open Door Health Clinic

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Housing info


National- Affordable Housing

National- CoAbode

National- Family Promise

National- For Rent By Owner

National- Low Income Apartments

National- housing authority directory- Public Housing

National- rent assistance directory- Rent Assistance

National- search rooms to rent- Spare Room


Bellevue- Mamma’s Hands

Clarkston- YWCA

Ellensburg- Hope Source

Elum- Hope Source

King County- YWCA

Kittitas County- Housing Authority

Kittitas County (cold weather)- Mercer Creek Church

Pierce County- Associated Ministries

Seattle- Catholic Housing Services

Snohomish County- YWCA

Spokane- Alexandria’s House

Spokane- Aston-Bleck Apartments

Spokane- Hope House

Spokane- Union Gospel Mission

Tacoma- Tacoma Rescue Mission

Vancouver- Gates of Grace

Wenatchee- YWCA

Woodinville- Special Delivery

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Affordable Childcare


National- extended hours- Care.com

National- newborn, temporary, permanent- Caring Nannies

Nationwide Directory- Childcare Center

National- Mom Trusted

National- temporary or permanent- Sittercity

National- temporary or permanent- Trusting Connections


Statewide- National Head Start Association


Spokane- emergency 24 hours- Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery

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State Programs

Programs Explained: Terms

ACA Marketplace

Basic Food

Child Care Assistance


ECEAP (Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program)

Energy Assistance LIHEAP

ESIT (Early Support for Infants and Toddlers)


Housing and Essential Needs (HEN)


Job Corps

Lifeline Program


National School Lunch Program

Pregnant Women Assistance Program (PWA)

Section 8 Housing




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Crisis Centers/Baby Items

Crisis Info


National- baby item discounts- Amazon Family

National- free baby items- Buy Nothing Project

National- cloth diapers- Cloth for Every Bum

National- free formula samples & coupons- Enfamil

National- free samples- Everyday Family

National- cloth diapers- Jake’s Diapers

National- National Diaper Bank Network

National- one time free formula sample- Nature’s One

National- first time mom assistance- Nurse Family Partnership

National- trade baby items/clothes- Rehash

National- cloth diapers- Share the Love

National- rewards program- Similac

National- crib alternative- The Baby Box


Statewide- (must attend parenting class)- baby shower basket- Baskets for Babies

Statewide- free baby items- Freecycle

Statewide- car seat events- Safe Kids


King County- material assistance- Eastside Baby Corner

Kitsap County- material assistance- Eastside Baby Corner

Milton- parenting classes, home visits, education scholarships, etc- Step By Step

Pierce County- material assistance- Eastside Baby Corner

Snohomish County- Eastside Baby Corner

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Child Support

Contact Here

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Essentials info


National- babysitting, errands, carpooling, meal swaps, etc.- Babysitter Exchange

National- car donation program- Cars 4 Christmas

National- backpack program- Feeding America

National- food bank directory- Feeding America

National- food assistance- Food Finder

National- car donation program- Free Charity Cars

National- job search- Indeed

National- trade clothing- Rehash

National- various assistance- Society of St. Vincent de Paul

National- education grants- Soroptimist

National- job search for moms- The Mom Project

National- various assistance- The Salvation Army

National- car donation programs- Working Cars for Working Families

National- rideshare- Zimride


Statewide- public transit directory- American Public Transportation Association

Statewide- food bank directory- Northwest Harvest

Statewide- children’s bed assistance- Sleep in Heavenly Peace


Ellensburg- public transit- Central Transit

Ellensburg- clothing closet- Ellensburg United Methodist Church

Ellensburg- food pantry, weekly meals, etc.- FISH Community Food

Ellensburg- food bank, rent & energy assistance, transportation assistance, etc.- Hope Source

Elum- food bank, rent & energy assistance, transportation assistance, etc.- Hope Source

Kittitas County- food bank- APOYO

Kittitas County- clothing bank- M6/28 Clothing Bank

Pierce County- mail service, emergency fund, etc- Associated Ministries

Tacoma- daily meals- Tacoma Rescue Mission

Yakima County- food assistance- OIC

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Support Groups

Support Info


National- CoAbode

National- Meetup

National- MOPS

National- pregnancy and post partum- My Red Tent

National- Parents Without Partners

National- Postpartum Support International

National- Single and Parenting

National- Single Mom

National- The Life of a Single Mom

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I don’t see my city?

Don’t worry. There are resource links added to the website every day and it’s possible that your area has not been researched yet. If the administrator is not currently working on other projects, your city can be made a priority. Please contact the page here.

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Putative Father Registry

There is no Putative Father Registry at this time.

Father’s Rights Support- Sky is the Limit Foundation

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Adoption Law/Revocation

Law Info

The consent  will not be presented to the court until forty-eight hours after it is signed or forty-eight hours after the birth of the child, whichever occurs later.

A consent to adoption may not be revoked after it has been approved by the court.

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End An Adoption Plan

If you are looking for help in severing your relationship with an adoption facilitator:

Saving Our Sisters

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Pay It Forward

If you have been a recipient of help, you know firsthand how essential volunteers and/or donations were to your success. Please consider volunteering for or donating to any of the vital organizations on this page.

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Recommend a Service

Know a service applicable to moms and children in this state, but it’s not listed? Please share it by contacting the page: Here.

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