What is this page?

The Family Preservation Project is an interactive site focused on helping expectant and new mothers. Its purpose is to be a centralized resource page for mothers who might be in a moment of crisis. Rather than seeking resources and necessities through difficult circumstances, the resources and necessities can be easily found in one place.

How to use this page?

Each US State has its own page for local resources including State-specific programs, childcare, housing, essentials, crisis centers, etc. Simply go to the Search bar on this or any page and type in your specific state. From there, scroll through a variety of available resources. Each page will have a Putative Father Registry link as well as Adoption Laws and Revocation Periods specific to the respective state.

*This page does not provide legal advice

Service Maintenance

The page will be continuously evolving to add and maintain current links. If you find that a link is broken or a service is no longer available, please contact the page so that the information can be corrected. Also, please contact the page if you would like to share a service that is applicable. Services that are linked to the page have been vetted in order to promote Family Preservation and not adoption services. If you find a service on the page that is openly promoting adoption to its clients, please contact the page so that it can be removed. Keep in mind, as you seek out services, most crisis centers will make referrals to adoption agencies.

Pay It Forward

Many of us face a temporary crisis in life. In those difficult times, we depend on our community to get us through. This page is about community. If you’re here as an observer or a supporter, please consider “paying it forward” to those facing a crisis now, as you would want or hope for yourself. This page is full of opportunities to support local organizations. “Paying it forward” is one of the many reasons this page exists.

Be the person you needed when you were younger

The Family Preservation Project is a place for celebrating the mother-child bond even in less than ideal circumstances. Many mothers contemplating adoption simply need encouragement and empowerment. Adoption facilitators will not inform a mother that her child has already bonded to her during pregnancy. Her child already knows HER to be his mother. Scientifically, babies are not “blank slates.”

Permanent solutions shouldn’t be applied to temporary problems. The Family Preservation Project was created to help bridge the gap. It is an honor to help keep you and your baby together. Congratulations!

Additional Reading

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