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Do you have a parenting resource for expectant or new moms that you would like to share with the page?

If you are sharing a link to a Crisis Pregnancy Center or Maternity Home, please click here.

For all other resources, in order for the page to remain efficient and timely, have you first checked to see if this resource is already listed? If not, please find the respective state and verify here.

After verifying that the resource has not been listed, please submit a link to the page in the contact box below. Organizations must provide direct services to the public.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Maternity Homes

Organizations that promote or encourage unnecessary family separation via adoption services will not be accepted. This includes Crisis Pregnancy Centers/Maternity Homes that tell their clients that Open Adoptions are legally enforceable. This is fraud and cannot be shared with vulnerable populations. Any language such as; “You choose the family,” “You choose how much contact you have with your child,” or “You choose the timing of placement” are all problematic and misinformed. Please refer to the “Know Your Rights” section on the Experience page.

Are you an expectant or new mom who is in need of parenting resources?

In order for the page to remain efficient and timely, have you first checked to see if resources in your location are already listed? If not, please find the respective state and verify here.

After verifying that your location is not listed, please submit your city, state, and what type of specific parenting resources you need in the contact box below. Your location will be prioritized and resource links posted.

Are you considering placing your baby for adoption?

It is important to make an informed decision in order to save yourself and your child(ren) unnecessary lifelong trauma.

Visit the Experience page that offers studies on adoptees, birth mothers, and the effects of maternal separation. Learn about your lack of rights in an “open” adoption. Most adoption professionals and crisis pregnancy centers today promote open adoptions without providing information about legal rights and/or various complexities.

Visit the Voices page that offers lived experiences of adoptees and birth moms through mediums like podcasts, blogs, and various social media platforms.

Complete an intake form with the only birthmom-led adoption education non-profit Saving Our Sisters. (Following this link leads outside of The Family Preservation Project)

Want to become a Partner in Family Preservation?

Please submit a link to your organization’s website in the contact box below. Briefly explain how your organization helps to preserve families experiencing poverty, social injustice, and/or lack of social support. Your organization may be added to the Partners in Family Preservation page in order to mutually support and promote grassroots efforts.

Thank you for considering making a donation to The Family Preservation Project. This page is a parenting resource database that works in conjunction with a non-profit organization. This page does not accept donations, but please consider making a donation to its partner organization: Saving Our Sisters. Please follow this link to Saving Our Sisters to continue the donation process.

Want to Make a Suggestion?

The Family Preservation Project is committed to functioning in the easiest and most effective ways for those seeking and sharing parenting resources. If you have constructive criticism to make utilization of this page easier and more effective, please send a detailed message in the comment box below. Your suggestions will be taken into consideration according to feasibility.

About The Family Preservation Project

Katie Burns is a birth mother of over 2 decades. After observing and connecting with other mothers who had relinquished their babies for adoption, it was obvious to her that most did so out of temporary crisis rather than not wanting to parent their children. Many mothers lack social support and are unaware of available resources in their area. This page was created to offer support and encouragement by providing connections between mothers and those resources.

The Family Preservation Project in Media

Listen to the story of how The Family Preservation Project started on The New Wave Feminist Podcast.

There is a documentary being made and The Family Preservation Project is proud to be a consultant! For crowdfunding opportunities go here.

All You Have Is Love will explore the challenges of an unexpected pregnancy and examine how adoption professionals use deceptive tactics to convince women that their children are better off being raised in an adoptive family. Through interviews with birth family members, industry professionals, and reform advocates, this documentary film will reveal the adoption process that so often exploits expectant mothers. We will identify the various entities involved in the industry, expose the myth of “open” adoption, and present and evaluate proposed regulations and reforms.

Adoptees Are Using an Unexpected Platform To Shed Light on the Downsides of Adoption by Diana Valenzuela- Katie Couric Media

“While Daniels has talked a lot about her trauma on the platform, she also uses it to share resources: “I’ve introduced people to Saving Our Sisters and the Family Preservation Project, organizations that help expecting mothers keep their child…”

The Dallas Morning News
For Many Expectant Moms, Pregnancy Choices are not Equal

Written by Katie Burns
The Family Preservation Project
Dec. 19, 2021

“So many years later, and the choice to parent is still not an equal choice. It doesn’t come anywhere close to equal when considering big ticket items such as housing, child care, and transportation. Our system is broken when it comes to offering equal options regarding pregnancy.”