Considering Adoption?
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What to Consider When Considering Adoption

The Family Preservation Project’s TikTok page where the complexities and nuances of American Domestic Infant Adoption are discussed.


Visit this page to learn about Adoptee and Natural/Birth Mother experiences. Find blogs, podcasts, social media, articles, and more. It is essential for any expectant mother considering adoption for her child.


Visit this page to learn about adoption studies, statistics, and legal rights in today’s “open” adoptions. This is critical information for an expectant mom considering adoption for her child. It is information that will not be shared with you by an adoption facilitator. Every mom deserves an informed choice.


Visit this page for a description of what a Putative Father Registry is and why it is important. A non-profit foundation is available to walk a father through the process of establishing parenthood.

Saving Our Sisters (link leads to a website outside of The Family Preservation Project)

SOS supports all members of expectant families considering adoption. We are committed to helping them make fully informed decisions based on information that so many other families have learned too late. We are dedicated to ensuring that they avoid applying a permanent solution to a temporary crisis based on partial or misinformation.

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