Important: For expectant mothers considering adoption, this page presents information that will not be shared with you in adoption counseling.

This page serves as an up-to-date platform for the least heard voices in the Adoption narrative. Below you will find social media resources ranging from blogs to podcasts. If you are an expectant/new mother looking to make an informed decision on adoption or looking to end an adoption plan, please contact Saving Our Sisters.

Adoptee Social Media

First/Birth Parent Social Media

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Adoptee Social Media

Adoptee Therapist Directory

Must Read Articles

Dear Birth Mother

What We Lost: Undoing the Fairytale Narrative of Adoption

Blogs, Podcasts, and more


A Critical Discourse

Adapted (Podcast)

Adoptee from the BSE

Adoptee Influencer Network

Adoptee in Recovery

Adoptee Lilly (YouTube Channel)

Adoptee LIT

Adoptee Memorial Wall

Adoptee Out Loud

Adoptee Reading

Adoptee Restoration

Adoptee Thoughts (Podcast)

Adoptees Connect, Inc. (support groups)

Adoptees On (Podcast)

Adoptees United (Podcast and legal issues)

Adoption Advocacy Podcast

Adoption: Beyond Myths, Misgivings, and Mayhem

Adoption Healing

Adoption Mosaic

Adoption Surveys (adoptee and first/birth parent surveys)

Akin to the Truth: A Memoir of Adoption and Identity

Amanda Woolston

Angela M Barra

Anne Heffron

Bastard Nation

Bethany Adoptee (TikTok)

Beyond Words (psychological services by adoptees)

Bleeding Hearts Adoption

Calling in the Wilderness

Dear Adoption

Elle Cuardaigh

Experience Courage

Hannah J. Matthews

Harlow’s Monkey

How to be Adopted

I Am Adopted

Intercountry Adoptee Voices

JS Lee

Kevin Barhydt (YouTube)

Living Life Adopted

Mindy Stern

My Refocused Life Adopted

No Apologies For Being Me

Not Your Orphan (YouTube)

Once Upon a Time in Adopteeland (Podcast)

Pamela Karanova

Pound Pup Legacy

Pulled By the Root

Pushing On A Rope

Rebekah Henson

Ross John Martin

Severance Magazine

Signed, Sealed, Adopted.

Sister Wish

Step Into Bravery

Sunflower in the Shadows

The Adopted Ones

The Adoptee Diary

The Adoption Files (podcast)

The Bumbling Adoptee

The Daily Adoptee

The Lost Daughters

The Silenced Adoptee

The Swan Project

The Wounded Adoptee

Thoughtless Delineation

Wandering Tree Podcast

First/Birth Mother Social Media

Must Read Articles

Dear Birthmother, From a Birthmother

Blogs, Organizations, and more

Adoption Loss LDS (TikTok)

Amber Moore Jimerson

Concerned United Birthparents

First Mother Forum

Getting Real About Adoption

Honest Birth Mom (TikTok)

In Kim’s Words

Is Adoption Trauma?

Letters to Ms. Feverfew

Mothers of Loss to Adoption

Musings of a Birthmom

Musings of the Lame

One Option Means No Choice

P.S. (letters from natural families in reunion)

Quirky Aquarian

Sincerely,  (letters from natural families)

The Broken Birth Mom

The Furious First Mom

Velvet Bocephus

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