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The Family Preservation Project is where Moms and Resources Meet.

It is an always evolving site focused on helping expectant and new mothers.

Its purpose is to be a centralized resource page for mothers who might be in a moment of crisis. When in crisis, it’s difficult to find the essential time or breathing room to seek and sift through resources specific to your needs. This page has verified that every resource link provided can apply to mothers and their babies.

There are similar resource websites available. Unlike many websites, access to pages will always be free here and there will never be information that you are asked to provide. The Family Preservation Project is focused specifically on the needs of mothers in crisis in order to preserve families, not separate them.

How To Use This Page

Each US State has its own page for national and local resources including state-specific programs, childcare assistance, housing, shelters, food pantries, crisis centers, baby items, child support offices, etc. Simply go to the Find Your State section of this page or any Search Bar  and type in your specific state. From there, scroll through a variety of available resources specific to the needs of mothers and babies.

Each state has a Putative Father Registry link as well as a foundation dedicated to securing and establishing Father’s rights. Adoption Laws and Revocation Periods are available for each state. If you have decided to end an adoption plan or pursue revocation of an adoption, a non-profit organization has been provided to walk you through that process. This page does not provide legal advice.

If you have any questions about what a state program or private service may entail, please visit the explanations provided on the page: Terms.

Page Maintenance

Yes! The page is always expanding.

The Family Preservation Project began in February, 2018 and services are added daily.

The page will be continuously evolving to add and maintain current links. If you find that a link is broken or a service is no longer available, please contact the page so that the information can be corrected. Please contact the page if you would like to share a service that is applicable, but not listed. Services that are linked to the page have been vetted in order to promote Family Preservation and not adoption services. Services have also been vetted to filter out resources that wouldn’t apply to mothers and babies; such as senior, veteran, substance abuse, and men-only services.

To maintain current resources; the national, statewide, and regional links are appraised annually. Due to volume, the county and city resources are not appraised annually. Please contact the page if a link is broken, services are no longer available, or to refer an organization that is not listed. The most recent verification date is posted at the bottom of each state’s page.

Pay It Forward

Many of us face a temporary crisis in life. In those difficult times, we depend on our community to get us through. This page is about community. If you’re here as an observer or a supporter, please consider “paying it forward” to those facing a crisis now, as you would want or hope for yourself. This page is full of opportunities to support local organizations. “Paying it forward” is one of the many reasons this page exists.

Be the person you needed when you were younger

The Family Preservation Project is a place for celebrating the mother-child bond even in less than ideal circumstances. Many mothers simply need encouragement and empowerment. Adoption facilitators will not inform a mother that her child has already bonded to her during pregnancy. Her child already knows HER to be his mother. Scientifically, babies are not “blank slates.”

Permanent solutions should not be applied to temporary problems. The Family Preservation Project was created to help bridge the gap. It is an honor to help keep you and your baby together. Congratulations!

Considering Adoption: Be Informed

What to Consider When Considering Adoption

The Family Preservation Project’s TikTok page where the complexities and nuances of American Domestic Infant Adoption are discussed.


A page for Adoptee and Natural/Birth Mother voices that includes blogs, podcasts, social media, articles, and more. It is essential for any expectant mother considering adoption for her child.


A page for adoption studies, statistics, and legal rights in adoption. This is critical information for an expectant mom considering adoption for her child. It is information that will not be shared with her by an adoption facilitator. Every mom deserves an informed choice.


A description of what a Putative Father Registry is and why it is important. A non-profit foundation is available to walk a father through the process of establishing parenthood.

Saving Our Sisters (link leads to page outside of The Family Preservation Project)

SOS supports all members of expectant families considering adoption. We are committed to helping them make fully informed decisions based on information that so many other families have learned too late. We are dedicated to ensuring that they avoid applying a permanent solution to a temporary crisis based on partial or misinformation.

Partners In Family Preservation

Please visit the Partners in Family Preservation page to find grassroots organizations and how they are working to preserve families.

About the Page Administrator

Katie Burns is a birth mother of over 2 decades. After observing mothers who had relinquished their babies for adoption, it was obvious to her that most did so out of temporary crisis rather than not wanting to parent their children. Many mothers lack social support and are unaware of available resources in their area. This page was created to offer support and encouragement by providing connections between mothers and those resources.

The story behind the page. Listen to the Turn Down Your Stereotype Podcast hosted by New Wave Feminists here.

Why Elephants?

The Elephant is symbolic of the community this page would like to build. Elephants are a matriarchal society; that is, one that is led by a head cow, who presides over her herd of females. Each herd is made up of mothers, daughters, sisters and aunts. They are guided by the oldest and largest female of the herd. This herd sticks closely together, rejoicing at the birth of a calf and mourning at the death of a member. (description courtesy of Elephants Forever)

The Family Preservation Project is not a community that necessarily excludes men, but one that celebrates femininity and the intimate connections made by women through motherhood.

Find Your State

I Don’t See Anything In My City?

If you don’t see any resources listed in your city, don’t worry. The page is adding links every day and it’s possible that your area has not been researched yet. In order to make your region a top priority, please contact the page by sending your city/state and resources you are in need of: Contact Page.

This page does not provide legal advice.

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